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Presevent tracks upcoming Election 2016 speeches and fundraisers, so that you can see presidential candidates on the trail before you see them in the White House.

Grinnell AppDev
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I co-lead Grinnell Appdev - a student organization dedicated to creating software applications to serve both students and the larger Grinnell community. We believe that a collaborative and engaging creation environment not only produces the best applications but also provides valuable experience and skillsets for Grinnell graduates to take with them on any career path. Since 2012 Grinnell Appdev has trained the next generation of programmers and entrepreneurs to create and publicize a wide variety of products.

Food Pantry
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• The Food Pantry was a project build in our CS 322 - Team Software Development for Community Organizations. Our group partnered with MICA's Poweshiek County to create a mobile-friendly, and more accessible way for donors to find out what donations will best serve the Food Pantry at what time.

GitHub | Design
•Tauss was an experiment to create a worldwide anonymous photo sharing application that would democratize content sharing, and promote content based on it's quality (as judged by our users), not one's popularity. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day, but was still an interesting experience.

•Created the landing page for an awesome encrypted voice-messaging mobile app - Voyse! Get the iOS or Android version!

Grinnell AppDev Apps
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• Released applications I've worked on as part of Grinnell AppDev, and their codebasese.

Pioneer Weekend
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• Pioneer Weekend is a three day event, sponsored by the Wilson Program and Grinnell AppDev. The objective of this event is to bring together student innovators from different backgrounds, to work together in teams of 3 - 6 people and complete a prototype of an idea that they come up with at the event. I created the brand, artwork, t-shirts, and helped organize the event.

Personal Projects
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• Non-(yet)-release personal projects built primarily for learning purposes. The first and the fifth one took me to WWDC 2015 and WWDC 2014, respectively, on a student scholarship!

I hail from the lovely Slovenia and am currently a senior at Grinnell College, majoring in Computer Science (& almost in Studio Art). I consider myself a mix between a developer, designer and product manager. Here's my face:

My tools of the trade are sublime, Xcode and Sketch! My main goal is understanding how I can come up with the best possible solution for a user. As such, some of my professional interests are:

  • mobile applications
  • human-computer interaction
  • interaction design
  • psychology
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
After a few years in the work force, I'm planning on pursuing a Masters or a PhD in one of those areas.

But right now, my main goal is to find a job that would challenge me, and allow me to learn as much as possible. Preferrably in the realm of iOS or OSX applications (:

So, if you're looking to hire an iOS dev who gets things done, let me know! Oh, and here's my resume.

In other news, I'm a fan of screen printing, composing and making playlists of unknown Swedish bands (and others...). Here's my favorite playlist:

Sometimes I write things, but I spend most of my free time reading and drinking coffee or tea in my rocking chair.

I also play the piano.

During WWDC 2015, BuzzFeed and Apple chose me as one of the 5 student female developers to promote inclusion and engagement of girls in tech!

AND I got to meet Tim Cook!